The Archives Bookshop

Directly opposite Mitchell's is the Archives Bookshop, devoted exclusively to books on religion. On this particular morning it was more bustling than Mitchell's (maybe good is triumphing over evil), its numerous browsers working their way through sections named "Spirituality," "Theology," "Church History," "Preaching" and "Pastoral Counseling." The experience was so overwhelming that when I saw a decal on the door with the words "It's Your Choice," I assumed it had religious connotations when, in fact, it was just letting me know which credit cards I could use. Kenneth Turan article in LA Times

But I think what really nudged me into thinking about Hesse's Game as a sort of "playable" art form was a combination of teaching mythic imagination at a small private art school in LA called "Bruchion", and stumbling across a book in the $1 bin at a local theological bookstore in Pasadena named "The Archives Bookshop". Charles Cameron